St. Pius X Out Patron Saint

On June 2, 1835, Guiseppe Melchiorre Santo saw the light of earth at Riesi, Province of Treviso in Venice, and on August 20, 1914 he saw the light of heaven.

Much of the life of St. Pius X was spent in teaching the Christian youth. His personal humanity and warmth endeared him to many. As Pope he found the pomp and splendor of the Vatican difficult to live with. He is known for his special decree making it possible for children to receive the Eucharist at age 7, instead of waiting until their teen years as was the custom of the time.

Near the end of his life, Pope Pius was very sad to see nations fighting against each other. Shortly after the first Great War broke out, Pope Pius X died.
On May 29, 1954, he became the 259th saint and was canonized St. Pius X.

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